Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Syfy Welcomes Visitors By Airing The Original V

The Syfy Channel in the United States will be preparing for the second coming of the Visitors by airing the original V in the days leading up to the ABC series premiere.

Here is the current schedule, subject to change. All times listed are ET.

Sunday, November 1
1PM-5PM V: The Original Miniseries
5PM-11PM V: The Final Battle
11PM-3AM V: The Original Miniseries

Monday, November 2
8AM-7PM Syfy will be showing V all day. We're assuming this will be comprised of episodes of the original series.

Tuesday, November 3
Again, Syfy is doing a marathon that we assume is made up of episodes of the original weekly series.
4PM-8PM V: The Original Miniseries - Then catch the premiere of V on ABC on November 3 at 8:00!

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