Monday, October 26, 2009

New Destinations In The KryptonSite Network (+ The Return Of An Old One)

A few new destinations have now been added to the KryptonSite Network - although, whether or not they become full-on sites is up to readers and interest.

First, although GLEE doesn't really match the comic-booky, sci-fi-genre type stuff you usually find here in the Network, the GLEE sub-forum at KryptonSite is going really well. So, even if it doesn't become a full site, Gleeksite now exists as a GLEE portal. At the very least you'll probably find episode descriptions at the new domain, and if there's demand or interest for a full site, then you'll surely find more. I know I'd use any excuse I can find to write about GLEE.

The blog posting about Syfy's The Phantom seemed to draw interest in seeing a site devoted to it. Right now there's just an informational page with a cast list and description. If and when more news comes out you'll very likely find news there. That new domain is

And then finally, more than six years after domain squatters took the name, is now back in the KryptonSite Network. I've always loved that name - which was originally used for a site about a Jack Knight Starman TV series that was proposed for ABC in 2003. I'm thinking I might use the URL to share some information about the Justice Society characters who are coming to Smallville. Either way, I love the name and I'm determined to do something with it.