Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Look: RHI's Phantom Promotional Poster

It's a bit small, but here's your first look at RHI Entertainment's promotional poster for the upcoming Syfy miniseries based on comic classic The Phantom.

Even though the poster image more resembles the Blue Beetle - guess it's only fair, as the original Beetle was himself somewhat of a Phantom stand-in.

The miniseries will be premiering in 2010, and stars Ryan Carnes as Chris Walker/The Phantom, Sandrine Holt as Guran, Jean Marchand as Wandermaark, Cameron Goodman as Renny Davidson, Isabella Rossellini as Dr. Bella Lithia, Ron Lea as Detective Sgt. Sean Davidson, Cas Anvar as Raatib Singh, and Ivan Smith as Dr. Deepak Baboor.