Saturday, August 15, 2009

On The Subject Of Blogs And Writing...

Just thought I'd give a shout out here to two people who've really added a lot to the KryptonSite Network of sites.

Otto Berkeley has been writing Heroes reviews for quite a while, and his attention to detail catches things that most don't even catch in multiple viewings! You can find his reviews at

Cindy Houghton a.k.a. "Triplet" has been KryptonSite's Smallville reviewer for several years now, and in my opinion, she's great at pointing out and giving appreciation for the best parts of the show while still having a critical eye. I personally like that she doesn't take sides on "shipper wars" when writing. If only I could send her Tom Welling as thanks. She can be found at

So, if you haven't seen either of their reviews, check them out! Now to find reviewers for V or The Vampire Diaries next year.... anyone interested?

And while I'm calling people out - also some "thanks" to the mods at the K-Site forums. It's a difficult job at times, but they all do their best to keep the peace... and they have to put up with me, which isn't always easy.