Friday, August 21, 2009

Flash Forward

One of the genre-related shows premiering this Fall that ABC is very high on is Flash Forward, based on the novel of the same name.

In the TV series, everyone seems to black out for over two minutes - and in that period of time, they witness a "flash forward" to April 2010. The show explores the mysteries of what exactly everyone has seen, and how they get to that point. There's also the mystery of how all of this happened in the first place.

There are many familiar faces within the pilot and even more in the series itself. ABC has done a lot of viral marketing, too, with hopes of this being their next LOST.

Whether or not it will pan out to be a hit remains to be seen; personally speaking, at the moment V looks like a much more accessible, fun mainstream hit. There's also not a lot of activity on the KryptonSite Flash Forward forum thread just yet, but maybe that just means it's not the same kind of audience. That could change when the show actually airs, though.

Either way - while there is no Flash Forward site in the KryptonSite Network - we do have a gallery. Check it out! Several new images have just been added. And if you've got some comments about your expectations for the show, please leave them here.

Myself, I'm not sure if I will be watching beyond the pilot. The Vampire Diaries on The CW will be airing at the exact same time... and while the storytelling on the ABC show might be a bit deeper, TVD itself is a lot of fun. So, we'll see.