Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heroes Forum Question

Got a question I just posted on the KryptonSite Forum....

Lately we've listed Heroes with the "KryptonSite Television Forums" section, but now that the season is approaching, we've considered moving all of the Heroes sub-forums back onto the main page of the forum.

The question is, would you prefer to have Heroes on the main page of the KryptonSite forum, which would mean a lot more to scroll past, or keep it with the "Television Forums" where V, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and more reside?

And moreso, would you like to see the other forums "popped out" too, even though it would mean a lot more to scroll past on the main page?

Personally, I could go either way on this. It's nice to have Spoilers, Cast, Creative, etc. forums visible on the main page, but at the same time, the new placement can expose people to some of the other forums on KryptonSite - it's not just Smallville.