Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Up With Day One?

Has Day One, the NBC series-turned-miniseries about a group of survivors after a disaster, completely disappeared, or has it just been delayed?

Originally the series was scheduled for NBC's midseason schedule after the Olympics. When NBC announced their "winter schedule" it was nowhere to be seen. Day One has also disappeared from NBC's press site. As far as I can tell, no chatter has been made about episodes filming beyond the pilot, though that could just been an assumption. NBC's Day One page still exists but the associated video has "expired."

Could a regime change, NBC's falling fortunes, or the only-middling success of recent genre shows have killed it? Creator Jesse Alexander has been very silent on the matter on his @globalcouch Twitter, though he has made reference to pitching new projects. Aside from a Sargasso Planet reference, Day One hasn't been mentioned in months.

Hopefully NBC will make some kind of announcement either way about the show's future. With some transmedia tie-ins such as the Sargasso Planet fan site and the Facebook account of one of the characters, Zack Adamski (last updated on December 2), there seems to be a lot of good material to mine, and it sounded as though some other much-missed Heroes folks such as Jeph Loeb would be involved, which would only be a plus. It could also be possible that the network is delaying the series until next season - though it's hard to say, since the network and producer have been very quiet.

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