Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Win A BBC Holiday Gift Pack!

Please note: Contest entries should be sent in by the end of Sunday, December 20 at midnight California time. So, if you haven't put an entry in, please do!

Thanks to our friends at The BBC, we have a special holiday gift giveaway for KryptonSite readers - including some items from forum-featured series Doctor Who and Torchwood!

Here are the items that will be given away to a lucky winner:

- Doctor Who: The Next Doctor DVD
- Doctor Who T-Shirt (Mens)
- Robbie the Reindeer (with the voice of Ben Stiller!)
- Planet Earth: The Complete Series
- Black Adder Remastered
- Torchwood: Children of Earth DVD

So what do you have to do to win? It's easy - make a post in this thread on the KryptonSite Forum about your favorite TV show and what it means to you. It doesn't necessarily have to be Smallville or anything like that. A post will be picked at random, and the lucky winner will get all of that cool BBC stuff!

The BBC, of course, produces KryptonSite Network favorites like Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Merlin. Be sure to check out the BBC America Shop as well for the perfect holiday gift for yourself or someone on your list!

Please note this contest is for U.S. residents only. Moderators or relatives of those who work for the KryptonSite Network are disqualified (sorry mods!) Postings or entries are NOT judged based on quality of the entry, just be sure to actually say something!