Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The CW Reactivates The Global Frequency

Global Frequency, the fantastic comic book mini-series by Warren Ellis, was first done as a TV series pilot by Leverage showrunner John Rogers back in 2005. It was hoped that it would go to series, but unfortunately, a change in executives at The WB network pushed the project out the door.

The pilot eventually leaked online to almost unanimously positive reviews. In it, Michelle Forbes played the enigmatic Miranda Zero.

Now, The CW has apparently ordered a script for a new Global Frequency TV project, four years after the original project died. It's definitely quite different from the other shows the network has in development - and it could make a good Friday night pairing with Smallville as both shows would probably skew male rather than the usual female-targeted programming on other nights.

You can read more about Global Frequency - and the general concept behind the show - at - one of the first sites ever created for the KryptonSite Network, now back in action!